Creators of Future

Dragan Aleksendrić PhD, the University of Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (CorD magazine) The University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is organized to train future engineers who will be able to respond to the new challenges of Serbia’s development. At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade students learn how to improve the functional characteristics of some system over a longer period of time; how to incorporate mechanisms to learn, conclude and adapt to new working conditions.Artificial intelligence techniques ensure the most important features of future intelligent systems: learning, “creativity”, “thinking”, reasoning, understanding, autonomous behavior, adaptability, the ability to self organize etc. Artificial intelligence doesn’t essentially differ from that which is known to us as human intelligence – it’s… више

Radivoje Mitrović PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade: Industry 4.0

Radivoje Mitrović PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering ( CorD magazine ) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, during five years already, organize International Conference about Industry 4.0, the first international consulting of this kind in the country. Today it’s called the new technological revolution, the fourth of its kind, which changes creating of new products and services, thanks to digitization and automation based on artificial intelligence. The mechanical engineer is in the middle of this breakthrough. We’ve always been dedicated to educate top mechanical engineers, having in mind: high-quality teaching, scientific research, international cooperation and cooperation with the economy. A graduate mechanical engineer is today considered everywhere as having the most desirable vocation in the first half of the… више