Aurora’s safe flight to world heights

Another success of the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Dušan Babić, Lazar Popović, Radovan Đurović, Đorđe Trampa and Nikola Popović, students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade who work on the Aurora project, won the first place in the first round of the international student competition Airbus Sloshing Rocket 2019 for the conceptual design of the rocket with a tank which minimizes the sloshing effect. This design was declared the best among 50 competing teams from the whole world. This opened up the team’s way to Patras, Greece, where the second round of this competition will be held in July. In this round, the team’s technical solution will be assessed, i.e. the design, range and time… више

The ASIIN accreditation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has been extended until 2025

The German Accreditation agency for study programmes in the field of technical sciences, informatics, natural sciences and mathematics (ASIIN) has extended its accreditation of the study programmes at the Bachelor and Master level to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Belgrade until 2025.   The ASIIN accreditation serves as a confirmation of the international quality of studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, which makes it the only officially internationally recognized faculty in Serbia for all its study programmes at the Bachelor and Master level, says Professor Miloš Nedeljković, the coordinator of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for the process of ASIIN accreditation. This is a great recognition not only for the Faculty of Mechanical… више

IT in Mechanical Engineering – A new study programme at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Belgrade has accredited a new study programme at the level of Bachelor studies entitled Information Technologies in Mechanical Engineering. The first generation of students will be enrolled in the school year 2019/2020. A total of 60 first-year students will be enrolled in the first year, 20 of them financed from the state budget and 40 as the tuition-paying students. The study programme Information Technologies in Mechanical Engineering lasts for three years and carries 180 ECTS points. The study programme IT in Mechanical Engineering is a continuation of the decade-long keeping up with the trends of contemporary and own research of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and its implementation in high quality state-of-the-art… више

The successful completion of the High-Tech Knowledge Week

According to the opinion of both its organisers and participants, the recently completed High-Tech Knowledge Week was very successful. During this event, at the beginning of June, two important international conferences were held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade: The 4th International Conference on the Industry 4.0 model for Advanced Manufacturing – AMP I4.0 2019, and The 12th International Conference on Measurement and Quality Control – Cyber Physical Issue – IMEKO TC 14. A total of 218 domestic and international experts participated at both conferences. The best-known names among them certainly include Professor Laszlo Monostori from the Technical University of Budapest, who is the world’s leading researcher of cyber-physical product manufacturing and the President of the International Academy… више

Creators of Future

Dragan Aleksendrić PhD, the University of Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (CorD magazine) The University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is organized to train future engineers who will be able to respond to the new challenges of Serbia’s development. At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade students learn how to improve the functional characteristics of some system over a longer period of time; how to incorporate mechanisms to learn, conclude and adapt to new working conditions.Artificial intelligence techniques ensure the most important features of future intelligent systems: learning, “creativity”, “thinking”, reasoning, understanding, autonomous behavior, adaptability, the ability to self organize etc. Artificial intelligence doesn’t essentially differ from that which is known to us as human intelligence – it’s… више

Radivoje Mitrović PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade: Industry 4.0

Radivoje Mitrović PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering ( CorD magazine ) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, during five years already, organize International Conference about Industry 4.0, the first international consulting of this kind in the country. Today it’s called the new technological revolution, the fourth of its kind, which changes creating of new products and services, thanks to digitization and automation based on artificial intelligence. The mechanical engineer is in the middle of this breakthrough. We’ve always been dedicated to educate top mechanical engineers, having in mind: high-quality teaching, scientific research, international cooperation and cooperation with the economy. A graduate mechanical engineer is today considered everywhere as having the most desirable vocation in the first half of the… више

The route to J-integral by prof. James Rice

Professor James Rice, world-leading expert in the field of mechanics, recently visited the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, where he held a heavily attended lecture devoted to the 50th anniversary of his paper about the J-integral. The lecture was a part of the international fracture mechanics Summer School, an event that accompanied the 22nd European Conference on Fracture which is currently taking place at the “Metropol” hotel. James rice is a professor of engineering sciences and geophysics at the Harvard University in the USA. Fifty years ago he formulated one of the most important fracture mechanics parameters, the so-called J-integral, which is defined as one of the means for calculating of the change in fracture surface strain energy, which… више

ECF 22 – Global scientific elite in Belgrade

The problems of fracture mechanics and structural integrity were the central topic of the 22. European Conference on Fracture, which takes place in Belgrade, from 27th to 31st of August this year. More than 500 participants from all over the world will consider the most important aspects of this field of mechanics, which studies problems related to cracks and their effects on the behaviour of materials and structures. The conference was organised by the Structural Integrity and Life Society “Prof. dr Stojan Sedmak”, in cooperation with the European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS). This conference on fracture, the first to be held in Serbia after 26 years, was officially opened on Monday, August 27th at the Metropol Hotel in Belgrade. The… више

SIE 2018

SIE 2018: The Industrial Engineering department at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies and Innоvation Center of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering organize the 7th International Symposium of Industrial Engineering, September 27-28, 2018.   више

Nemanja Gligorijevic – A student and an entrepreneur

Nemanja Gligorijević is a student of the final year of master studies at the Production Engineering department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. However, he already has his own small-size company which produces 3D printers and provides 3D printing services. “It was my desire to confirm in practice the degree of a mechanical engineer and the knowledge obtained at the faculty. Hence, I designed and manufactured several models of 3D printers. In June last year, together with my sister, I founded the start-up company Highbreed Systems and we are currently the only 3D printer producers in Serbia”, says Nemanja. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has a yearlong tradition of an educational institution which encourages the students to be innovative and… више