The J21 Jastreb – The custodian of the tradition of aeronautical engineering

The J-21 Jastreb (Hawk), the first domestic fighting aircraft which was serially produced in the former Yugoslavia, has been recently placed on the plateau in front of the Aeronautical Technical Institute of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. The aircraft is positioned on a six-metre high pedestal in slight ascent, which creates an impression that it is really flying and draws the attention of passers-by on daily basis. The J-21 Jastreb is training and fighting aircraft designed at the Aeronautical Technical Institute with great participation of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, says Dr Časlav Mitrović, the Head of the Department, which has recently celebrated eight decades of educating aeronautical engineers in Serbia. The… више

CLEAN-kWAT project – Achieving the balance between energy systems and the environment

The first results of the international CLEAN-kWAT project, in which the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a participant, have been recently presented at the 48th International Congress on Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning held in Belgrade. The basic aim of the project is to support the system of education of young engineers in the energy supply sector. The idea is to develop innovative materials which would help integrate environmental considerations into energy systems development. Some of the most important project results include developing training materials for young engineers, the e-learning portal and videos. The participants of the Erasmus+ KA2 CLEAN-kWAT project are eight reputable scientific institutions, companies and NGOs from Turkey, Germany, Serbia, Spain and Hungary. The project is funded with… више

The DualEdu Project – Domestic needs, foreign experiences and the best model for Serbia

The DualEdu Erasmus+ project, aimed at the implementation of dual education in higher education in Serbia, has been recently presented at the first kick-off meeting of the project team at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The project brings together 14 permanent partners from Serbia, Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Poland. It started on 15th October 2017 and is scheduled to last over the next three years. The basic idea is to make a dual education model in the system of higher education that would be general enough, but also flexible, and which could be implemented depending on the needs of higher education institutions, says professor Nenad Zrnić, Vice-Dean for international scientific cooperation at the FME. The development of the expert… више

Students of the Industrial Engineering module – Winners of the Bosch week

Danijela Živanović, Ivana Knežević, Miloš Perić, Alen Alidini and Dragomir Zec are the members of the team of students from the Industrial Engineering module that provided the best solution to the case study at the competition held as a part of the week of the Robert Bosch Company. These talented young people proudly say that this competition was a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate in practice the high quality of education of engineers at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Four student teams participated in solving the case study, formed of students attending different modules of the FME – industrial engineering, production engineering, food industry engineering and thermal power engineering. Each team was tasked with providing the best solution to the problem… више

Robots and platforms from the laboratory of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The moving platform for realistic flight and driving simulators, developed by Professor Dragan Milutinović, is only one in the vast array of current projects of the researchers at the Industrial Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The cutting-edge platform is intended for making simulators for various kinds of vehicles, such as aircraft, armoured personnel carriers or construction machinery, says Professor Milutinović, who is also the Head of the Laboratory. The device, which has captured the attention of both the domestic and international manufacturers, is the outcome of twenty years of work on the modelling of parallel kinematic machines (robots, machine tools and simulators). One of the most important results achieved during this research is the… више

The Road Arrow Team – The pride of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the University of Belgrade

Eight years ago, a group of students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering gathered around an amazing idea and managed to form the team that would represent Serbia at Formula Student, the most prestigious engineering students’ competition in the world. Owing to students’ commitment and great support, the Road Arrow team has become a recognisable brand and the pride of both the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and University of Belgrade. The task of the members of the team is to design and construct a racing car, which then competes at racing tracks throughout Europe with 600 university teams from around the world. Six vehicles were made starting from 2012, and the team competed in races all around Europe (Germany, Great… више

Great success of Confluence Belgrade at the Hydrocontest 2017

The extensive budget, mobile workshops or sophisticated solutions of other teams were not enough to beat the knowledge and skills of the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, who achieved brilliant results at the international Hydrocontest, held at Saint-Tropez in September 2017. Our team participated at this prestigious competition of naval architecture students for the first time, winning the second and the third place in two disciplines. Their team spirit and the readiness to share experience and provide help to colleagues from other teams were rewarded by a special Hydrocontest spirit award. This is the award we value most, since it speaks volumes about the good impression our team left and about the way in which we presented the… више