Nemanja Gligorijevic – A student and an entrepreneur

Nemanja Gligorijević

Nemanja Gligorijević is a student of the final year of master studies at the Production Engineering department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. However, he already has his own small-size company which produces 3D printers and provides 3D printing services. “It was my desire to confirm in practice the degree of a mechanical engineer and the knowledge obtained at the faculty. Hence, I designed and manufactured several models of 3D printers. In June last year, together with my sister, I founded the start-up company Highbreed Systems and we are currently the only 3D printer producers in Serbia”, says Nemanja.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has a yearlong tradition of an educational institution which encourages the students to be innovative and trains them not only to solve the real engineering tasks, but also to develop completely new products. Therefore, Nemanja is the best example how a young man who is innovative can start manufacturing the new, so-called intelligent products and successfully place them on the market.

Nemanja is especially proud of his new project, the printer with the dimensions of 500x500x500.


This is the biggest 3D printer in the region and it is primarily intended for industrial purposes. “We cooperate with a number of companies, both in Serbia and abroad. These are mostly tool-producing companies for which we manufacture part prototypes that are obtained by injection moulding. Still, the project that is dearest to me personally is the lining for a prosthetic leg made for a young Serbian kayak athlete, one of the Olympic team members. It was an honour to produce it, and I was pleased to learn that the lining had actually served as an incentive for the further development of an idea to start up a company in the field of prosthetics”, says Nemanja.

“However, without the knowledge obtained at the FME, I would not be able to achieve all these results. The Faculty gave me knowledge which was transferred into my products and into my own company as well. Naturally, I am also greatly indebted to my parents, who supported me in founding the Highbreed Systems”, says Nemanja in the end.

(Source: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)


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