Aurora’s safe flight to world heights

Another success of the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Dušan Babić, Lazar Popović, Radovan Đurović, Đorđe Trampa and Nikola Popović, students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade who work on the Aurora project, won the first place in the first round of the international student competition Airbus Sloshing Rocket 2019 for the conceptual design of the rocket with a tank which minimizes the sloshing effect.

This design was declared the best among 50 competing teams from the whole world. This opened up the team’s way to Patras, Greece, where the second round of this competition will be held in July. In this round, the team’s technical solution will be assessed, i.e. the design, range and time of flight, as well as the costs and method of making the aircraft. The competition is organized in collaboration with Airbus and EUROAVIA – the European Association of Aerospace Students.

Aurora is one of the projects developed within the BEOAVIA team that gathers students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and three other faculties of the University of Belgrade. It is an autonomous water-powered rocket. It consists of a body and wings, which allows for a large range with a minimal force of propulsion. The length of the rocket is 1.5 m, its width is 2.25 m and the weight is limited to 5 kg. It contains two separate tanks – one for propulsion, the other for payload, i.e. sloshing. The main task of the team is to stabilize the rocket as much as possible after the vertical launch and its transition to a non-propelled horizontal flight, so as to have a greater range and safe landing. The design is built and tested at the competition.

(Source: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)

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