Students of the Industrial Engineering module – Winners of the Bosch week

Danijela Živanović, Ivana Knežević, Miloš Perić, Alen Alidini and Dragomir Zec are the members of the team of students from the Industrial Engineering module that provided the best solution to the case study at the competition held as a part of the week of the Robert Bosch Company. These talented young people proudly say that this competition was a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate in practice the high quality of education of engineers at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Four student teams participated in solving the case study, formed of students attending different modules of the FME – industrial engineering, production engineering, food industry engineering and thermal power engineering. Each team was tasked with providing the best solution to the problem of mixing the types of connectors at the HS workstation. The students of the module of Industrial Engineering won.

Having performed a detailed analysis of the entire production process, the Industrial Engineering module team suggested two methods – the four eyes principle, which envisages two operators that perform control on one product, and the Poka Yoke method, which is designed to prevent human error using a pattern. The Poka Yoke method is somewhat slower compared to the four eyes principle, but reduces the error to the utmost minimum. The solution which contains two alternatives was very appealing to the jury, but they were wondering which alternative would be a better solution if it were necessary to choose only one. This was answered in the following way: the final choice of the method depends on the company’s priorities, i.e. whether they insisted on quality or quantity.

The Robert Bosch Company offers an opportunity to the members of the winning team to become interns at their company and, possibly, their employees.

(Source: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)

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